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Fisheries Walkover Survey Manual

The objective of the walk-over survey is to gather information about the location and extent of the various physical habitat features present along and immediately surrounding the river, so that an assessment can be made about habitat quality and quantity (instream & bankside) for salmon. This should allow factors which may be limiting salmon productivity […]

River Exe 2010 Electrofishing Report

In the summer of 2010 the Westcountry Rivers Trust carried out a 5 minute electro-fishing survey of salmonid fry habitat across the Upper Exe catchment. The survey targeted areas sampled in previous years, including the Little Exe and its tributaries the Quarme and Haddeo, plus for a second year the main river Exe down to […]

Atlantic Salmon at Risk: Apparent Rapid Declines in Effective Population Size in Southern European Populations

Populations of southern European Atlantic salmon Salmo salar are subjected to exploitation by sportfishing and exhibit evidence of dramatic catch reduction for the same fishing effort over recent history. We employed nine microsatellite loci as markers to estimate effective population sizes of Atlantic salmon in five rivers of northern Spain for comparison with 1990s data […]

Sea Trout Workshop Report

The objectives of the Workshop, which was organised by the Atlantic Salmon Trust with financial support from the Environment Agency, were to consider what progress had been made in sea trout (Salmo trutta) research since the 2004 Sea Trout Symposium in Cardiff and to identify continuing gaps in our knowledge. The Workshop concentrated on what […]