Associação de Desenvolvimento Dão, Lafões e Alto Paiva

Our goals are to:

  • Diagnose the of the level of disturbance on the river systems originating in human activities and a characterization of the aquatic communities in the following river basins (Vouga, Dão Paiva);
  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge of the river systems constraints and the proposal of technical solutions for the installing fish passages on hydraulic structures limiting the flow of fish;
  • Create, signalling and regulating the concessions for recreational fishings, in order to ensure the sustainability of the fish populations management;
  • Begin a program for the population reinforcement of fish species displaying a strong population decline.
  • Restore pilot-areas where the vegetation is degraded or destroyed, in order to improve the habitat for the migrating fish species;
  • Create a biological micro-reserve network of areas with a high occurrence of habitats and species with a special interest for conservation;
  • Carry out an extensive program of education for sustainability, in order to raise awareness for the preservation of migrating fishes and their habitats

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